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Cattle Feed Supplement Malaysia

Why Feed Bypass Fats?

Today, dairy farmers are increasingly supplementing their cattle feed with a mix of ingredients, seeking to achieve healthier herds and increase margins. With the right cattle feed supplements, you can get the most from your dairy animals. Customers are always looking for the right products to maximize energy intake by their herd. This is especially important during crucial growth stages, such as th lactation period.

When it comes to animal feeds, there is a need for enhanced production efficiency to meet continually increasing demand for livestock products. With this grim reality, Sawit Pioneerfeed has come up with an innovative bypass fat product that considerably cut your feed costs while optimizing your milk production.

Balanced feeding

Bypass fats promote balanced feeding for enhancing cattle productivity. The cattle feed supplement is an effective strategy to increase milk production while ensuing nutrient use efficiency. Also, bypass fats prevent various diseases, thus improving the overall health of your herd. Just like other cattle feed, bypass fats should be availed in the required levels.

Acceptability to the dairy animal

There is a growing need for cattle feed supplements that are highly acceptable.
Bypass fats are incredibly palatable and free flowing hence stimulating intake by the animal. The cattle feed supplement is suitable for the most selective dairy animals.


The nutrients in cattle feed supplements have to be digested and released into the gastrointestinal tract to be utilized by the dairy animal. Compared to other fat sources, rumen bypass fats are highly digestible and do not interfere with rumen fermentation.


Dairy farmers are always looking for the least-cost ration that satisfies all the animal nutritional requirements and ensures the desired objectives are achieved. As a cost effective cattle feed supplement, bypass fats provide right rations with a proper nutritional mix while keeping your herd healthy.

Rumen bypass fats ensure dairy cattle utilize less feeds faster. This enhances the growth rate and weight gain that the animals rely exclusively on cattle feeds. It’s worth noting that the cattle feed supplement have a long product shelf life, usually at least 12 months from the manufacturing date.

Natural ingredients

As a dairy farmer, it’s imperative to be fully aware of the composition making up your cattle feed. Suitable cattle feed supplements should be free of any anti-nutritional factors and toxins which not only hinder digestion but can affect the general animal health.

Bypass fats are an excellent solution for those looking for natural cattle feed supplements. The protein sources are primarily derived from oil seeds. Powdered fat powder from Sawit Pioneerfeed is 100 % Palm Stearin.

Final thoughts

The most suitable cattle feed supplements primarily depend on the desired results.

Bypass fats are becoming a highly preferred solution when it comes to solving weight loss and energy intake issues in dairy cattle. Consequently, it helps avoid ketosis and other diseases which can not only hinder reproductive performance but minimizes yields.

Sawit Pioneerfeed is your trusted partner for quality cattle feed supplements that will consistently optimize your milk production. Our latest products are high demand as more dairy farmers seek to achieve the best returns for their dairy farming investments.

When it comes to profit-boosting fat supplements, Sawit Pioneerfeed is ahead of the curve. Our primary objective is to improve productivity in dairy farming as efficiently as possible. Contact us today for best bargains for cattle feed supplements in Malaysia.

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