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Dairy Cow Feed Ingredients Malaysia

Rumen Bypass Fat-Essential Nutritional Factors

Rumen bypass fat provides the much needed high energy in dairy feed ingredients. It’s an excellent fat source for those looking for a cost-effective product with excellent health and milk production benefits. As a dairy farmer, you want to obtain the greatest economic value from your dairy cow ingredients. So what are the essential nutrients factors for rumen bypass fats?


Rumen bypass fat offers high palatability, especially compared to other dairy cow feed ingredients.  More often than not, the cow doesn’t even detect the fats have been included to the ration. For optimal animal nutrition benefits, you want to buy a product with no odour or taste.

It’s imperative to avoid subtle palatability differences as this may hinder the performance of bypass fats.

 Reproductive performance

Supplementing animal diet with bypass fats significantly improves reproductive performance by reducing bodyweight loss and maximizing weight gain, especially during and after lactation period.

Also, consistent research reveals that fatty acids contained in bypass fat have some positive effect on reproductive parameters, especially hormone patterns and follicular size. Bypass fat products from JV Partner Malaysia have been proven and tested to promote the reproductive performance of dairy cattle.


Vegetable sources are unmatched when it comes to digestibility. The energy content of a particular bypass fat product almost entirely depends on its digestibility. It’s worth noting that the intestinal digestibility can considerably vary across different fat sources in the market.

Physical form

We highly recommend purchasing bypass fats that can be easily handled and mixed into dairy feeds. Also, products with a small particle size are highly preferred because of their excellent mixability.

Fatty acids in rumen bypass fats

Fatty acids play an essential role in the nutrition of high-producing cows. Although bypass fat is primarily utilized for its energy density, it also contains essential fatty acids.

Fatty acid in dairy cow feed ingredients has been proven to enhance milk composition, besides reproduction and general health benefits.

Presence of essential fatty acids and high Palmitic acid levels are crucial focus areas when looking for suitable supplements for your herd. Palmitic acid is notably the primary content of milk and butter fat.

Final thoughts

Now that we have explored the nutritional factors, some of the profound non-nutritional factors to consider when purchasing bypass fats include:

  • Level of manufacturer trust
  • Storage facilities
  • Expiry date
  • Mixing requirements
  • Ration feeding method

If you are looking for quality dairy cow feed ingredients in Malaysia, look no further! JV Partner Malaysia has just the right products tailored to the specific nutritional needs of your herd.

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