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Dairy Cow Feed Products Malaysia

Primary Benefits of Rumen Bypass Fat

Proper dairy management requires that the dairy farmer supplements his herd with the right dairy cow feed products. We highly recommend knowing the specific nutritional requirements of your dairy cow. Consequently, you can provide suitable rations to match production and reproduction requirements.

Rumen bypass fat can easily bypass the animal’s rumen system, thus serving as a direct source. The dairy cow feed supplement has been widely adopted to provide various growth and productivity benefits for dairy cattle. It’s naturally palatable and free-flowing, hence suitable for pretty much every breed. Let’s explore some of the profound advantages of rumen bypass fat.

Optimal energy intake

It’s from cow feed products that dairy cow derives energy for maintenance, growth, milk production, and even reproduction. Bypass fat provides high yield cows with the much-needed protein for optimal productivity. The dairy cow feed products are relatively economical to fat concentrates with minimal fat content.

Bypass fat is a highly digestible energy source. As a dairy farmer, you want a dairy cow feed product that provides prompt conversion of energy. Quick balancing of energy levels is especially essential for lactating cows.

High milk yield

Milk yield tends to gradually reduce if a dairy cow is not provided with the right quality and quantities of feed. The primary reason for investing in better feeds is to achieve increased milk yield.

As a dairy farmer, you want to achieve maximum profits through efficient milk production.  By providing quality bypass fat, in the right amounts, to your dairy cattle, the milk production is optimized to the genetic ability of individual dairy cow.

Body condition

Body condition is critical for the long-term performance of dairy cattle. Bypass fat is an excellent dairy cow feed product for those looking for the best body condition for their herd. It’s a highly beneficial energy source that also helps stabilize metabolism.


In case of low energy levels, cows usually don’t reveal any signs of heat, thus showing the effect that cow feed has reproduction. Bypass fat promotes good fertility thus shortening the period between calving. It’s an excellent dairy cow feed product for those looking to improve their herd’s pregnancy rate.

Healthy cow

Providing your dairy cow with the right cow feed products ultimately promotes animal health. Bypass fat, in particular, has been proven to help achieve healthy udder. Also, it minimizes the risk of various diseases, especially ketosis.

Rumen bypass fat from JV Partner Malaysia is well processed to ensure optimal energy levels of your high yield cows. Due to its high palatability, bypass fat has been found to promote the appetite of dairy animals. As a result, you can rest assured of the health well-being of the herd.

Quality milk

Today, there is a greater focus on dairy cow feed products that promote the quality of milk. Fatty acids content in bypass fats has been found to positively influence butterfat content in milk.  

JV Partner Malaysia promotes the use of natural ingredients in the manufacture of dairy cow feed products. Our bypass fat is sourced from best quality palm stearin. Also, we use a modern production process to ensure high digestibility and assimilation.

Looking for dairy cow feed products in Malaysia? Feel free to contact our team for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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