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Dairy Cow Lactation Feed Malaysia

Rumen Bypass Fat: Optimizing Milk Yield & Butterfat Potential

Having the right cow feed is the key to producing optimal volumes of milk and milk components, including milk protein and milk fat. We highly recommend adding supplemental fat to meet high energy demand for lactating cows to achieve optimal potential.

Bypass fat, in particular, is an excellent dairy cow lactation feed offering many animal health and productivity benefits. The global dairy industry has experienced an increased role of palm fats in dairy rations. The results of feeding bypass fat make it a very viable option, especially for lactating cows.

Fulfilling energy requirements

A fundamental factor to consider is that as calving draws near, the nutrient demand rise. There is a need to consistently satisfy the energy needs of the cow once lactation starts. It’s worth noting that fat is the most energy-dense nutrient, providing unmatched energy value to dairy cattle.

As a superior fat supplement, rumen bypass fat is specially formulated for adding fat energy to dairy cow lactation feed. The highly concentrated vegetable base fat is an excellent choice for increasing the ration’s energy density.
During lactation, there is a need to balance dairy rations with the right amount of concentrates to ensure high energy levels. Providing much-needed energy requirements helps achieve high-quality milk yields.

Fatty acid

Rumen bypass fat is rich in essential fatty acids that are proven to promote lactation efficiency. Fatty acids are shown to boost fertility in dairy cattle. Palmitic acid is the primary fatty acid found in milk fat. Feeding bypass fat is proven to increase butterfat by several percentage points, depending on ration formulation. It’s an excellent solution to maximize butterfat capacity.

Body condition

Providing the right dairy cow feed helps achieve a proper weight in your herd. Based on research, energy-sense dairy cow lactation feed promote proper body condition maintenance. Ultimately, it not only enhances nutrition and reproductive performance but also helps achieve better milk quantity and quality.

Adequate water intake

Even though often overlooked, water is an essential part of animal nutrition. More often than not, lactating cows have increased hydration need. Dairy cattle may have health problems due to low-quality water or inadequate water supply.
A thriving dairy farm requires a proper water supply, in terms of both quantity and quality. Even with the best dairy cow feed, intake of feed tends to drop in case the cattle do not have access to enough freshwater. Based on research, daily water intake by dairy cattle significantly influences both the milk yield and quality of milk.

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