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Animal Energy Supplement Malaysia

Animal Energy Supplement Malaysia

Effective animal energy supplement feeding is critical to the success of both small scale and large scale dairy farms. The latest animal energy supplements from JV Partner Malaysia are a valuable companion for new and experienced dairy consultants, feed suppliers, and dairy farmers looking for the best in dairy animal nutrition.

Animal energy supplements serve as an economical energy source that enhances the energy density of animal feed. The primary ingredient of our animal energy supplement is palm stearin.

Essential Features and benefits

High energy concentration

Animal energy supplements essentially bypass the animal’s rumen system. Consequently, it acts as a direct energy source. With the right animal energy supplement, your animals have access to more energy.

Increases milk yield

Animal energy supplement are highly recommended when you want to enhance your milk yields. It can increase milk yield by several liters per day for each cow.

Milk fat content

Animal energy supplements have a high concentration of palmitic acids, which improves the fat content in milk. It’s essential that the palmitic acid is saturated and highly digestible for animals.

Highly palatable

When looking for animal energy supplements, you want a product with natural vegetable fat odour as this makes it highly palatable.

Reduces the risk of ketosis

Animal energy supplements are considered to be a safe and effective way to minimize ketosis in daily cattle. Ketosis is a major concern for many dairy farmers. It enhances the metabolism of your cattle. Also, you want to buy animal energy supplements that have no hydrogenation and that are free from trans-fatty acids.

Improves pregnancy rate

When it comes to animal supplements, many customers are looking for products that can boost fertility, especially with regards to insemination ration and calving interval.

Preventing body weight loss

Maintaining a favorable animal weight is essential for the overall health and milk production of dairy animals. Animal energy supplements help prevent weight loss for dairy cattle. Also, the products help achieve better body condition score.

Good digestibility

Animal energy supplements generally offer good digestibility for basically all types of dairy cattle. They are an excellent choice for the most selective eaters.

Final thoughts

When it comes to product safety, our animal energy supplement company of choice should ensure rigorous quality control at all stages of the production process. Also, the company should adhere to all relevant quality and safety standard.
Looking for animal energy supplements in Malaysia? JV Partner Malaysia offers a premium range of supplements geared towards achieving the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle. We also recommend that best strategies for feeding energy supplements that will ensure optimal economic benefits.

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