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Cattle Feed Formula Malaysia

Optimizing milk production

The nutritional needs of dairy animals are continually evolving during its various growth stages. In this regards, there is a growing need for cattle feed formula made to specific needs. Animal feed experts such as Sawit Pioneerfeed have been at the forefront in developing high‑quality products that are in line with livestock farming needs.
It’s highly recommended that the amount of cattle feed formula is tailored to individual production levels of the animals. Dairy animals, especially lactation cows, should feed on dairy meal supplements at regular intervals throughout the day. Besides proper feeding, farmers should also offer plenty of clean water, light, air, rest and space for their animals.

Maximum rest

Even with proper feeding, it’s critical that your dairy cattle enjoy maximum rest. Increasing resting hours has been proven to enhance milk production. Handling dairy animals with care, and providing a conducive environment for them minimizes their stress, hence better rest.

More resting in dairy animals encourages the consumption of cattle feed formula. Ultimately, it enhances the metabolism and overall health of your herd. The amount of times the animal is chewing cud is always a good indicator of good health.

Depriving a dairy animal adequate resting may lead to both physiological and behavioural stress. As a result, it affects the animal feeding pattern and minimizes milk yields. The sleeping area should be spacious and comfortable for optimal rest.

Proper animal shed

As much as it’s an often-overlooked factor, the nature of the cowshed affects the overall milk production of the cattle. It’s worth noting that the quality of the environment influences the general health of the animal. Many farmers have achieved enhanced milk production through deliberate efforts to make their cattle more comfortable.
Ideally, the animals should live in a stress-free and comfortable environment. The animal shed shouldn’t have a slippery floor to protect the animal’s hooves. Also, a clean shed promotes proper udder growth and helps keep diseases at bay.
Having a properly designed shed can prevent various injuries and diseases, besides providing protection against external weather conditions. Proper ventilation will help keep your animals healthy and productive. The environment should be free of objects such as nails and iron wire that can hurt the animals.

Proper management

As a dairy farmer, whether commercial or subsistence, spending a few minutes each day watching your cattle can help notice any signs of discomfort. The goal should be to make timely management decisions based on the behavior of the animals. Changes in behavior are easily noticed through routine and close observation.

Cattle feed formula supplier

Sawit Pioneerfeed offers cattle feed formula that tailored to the specific needs of dairy farmers in the market. It’s highly recommended if you want to achieve optimal milk production in the long run. With our expertise in the industry, we offer valuable advice that will enable you to stay ahead of the curve.

Our cattle feed formula is a whole package that boosts energy, increases milk production, promotes general body health and enhances reproductive performance of your animals. Looking for cattle feed formula in Malaysia? Contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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