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Animal Fat Powder Malaysia

Bypass animal fat powder for dairy cattle

Rumen bypass is powdered fat that is extracted from palm stearin and mixed into cow feed. The saturated fats are highly recommended source of fat for dairy animals. It’s worth noting that rumen bypass does not depress the fiber digestion thus excellent metabolism benefits.

When it comes to commercial dairy farming, animal fat powder helps achieve more control of your herd’s health, and ultimately increase your profit margins. As a quality animal powder, bypass fats are highly beneficial, especially compared to other alternatives such as feeding ghee/oil.
So what are the benefits of feeding bypass fat powder?

Excellent energy source

Feeding animal fat powder ensures your cattle have the right energy level for optimal productivity. Ultimately, it helps prevent energy deficiency, especially during advance pregnancy and early lactation.

For optimal profitability from dairy farming, it’s highly imperative to maximize the energy intake of dairy cattle. Animal fat powder helps eliminate negative energy balance.
Increases milk production
One of the profound goals of both subsistence and commercial dairy farming is achieving peak milk production. Proper feeding of animal fat powder not only increases milk production but also helps achieve persistency of lactation.

Enhances reproductive efficiency
Animal fat powder helps improve reproductive efficiency, especially after calving. Also, animal fat powder is the key to better fertility management.

Less metabolic disorders

The role of animal nutrition in achieving optimal animal health cannot be overstated. Animal fat powder, in particular, helps reduce metabolic disorders such as ketosis and milk fever.

Palmitic acid

Bypass fats are rich in Palmitic acid that transforms into fatty acid. Palmitic acid is the primary component of milk fat. The fatty acid profile in animal fat powder is a critical factor with regards to the results you can expect from the products.

Increases life productivity

The importance of animal fat feeding, with regards to increasing the productive life of cattle, cannot be overstated. One of the profound benefits of bypass fats is not only extending the lifetime productivity but also the length of life. It is an excellent way to transform profit margins for large scale farming projects.

Final thoughts

Different animal feed manufacturers use varying methods of making animal fat powder. At JV Partner Malaysia, We ensure rigorous quality control of all our animal nutrition products. Conducting feeding trials helps ensure the animal fat powder is safe for animal feeding, and that it provides much-needed nutrition and health benefits.
JV Partner Malaysia uses the latest technology to refine palm oil into highly digestible energy sources. If you looking for animal fat powder in Malaysia, feel free to contact us today for a custom package.

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