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Rumen Bypass Fat Malaysia

Rumen Bypass Fat 101

Meeting dairy cattle nutritional requirements is essential to maintain the positive performance of neonatal, growing, and lactating animals. Ideally, an optimal animal nutritional program should provide an adequate intake of essential nutrients. When it comes to supplementation of dairy rations, bypass fat products are increasingly being used to correct deficiencies in basal diets.

What is bypass fat?

It is a supplemental fat that is not degraded in the rumen of dairy cattle but digested in the lower digestive tract. Rumen bypass fat is an excellent alternative to traditional non-vegetable cow feed products that have minimal nutritional value and digestibility.

Can oil be an alternative for rumen bypass fat to get more energy?

Oil is not an ideal supplement for dairy cattle nutrition. Unlike bypass fat, oil causes digestive problems in animals. Also, it’s worth noting that oil is degraded in the rumen. As a result, the availability of energy is lower than rumen bypass fat.

Benefits of supplementation of bypass fat (to dairy animals)

Milk Yield, milk fat

Through supplementation of rumen bypass fat, dairy farmers can expect increased income through more milk production and fat content. For the majority of dairy farmers, the primary objective is to increase milk yields at a minimal cost.

Diets containing supplemental rumen bypass fat have been proven to boost milk production due to increased energy intake, and enhanced efficiency utilization of energy. In this regards, it has significant benefits, especially compared to other supplements in the market.

Positive energy balance

Rumen bypass fat has been widely adopted to achieve positive energy balance, especially during lactation. Also, the products are proven to prevent and manage weight loss in dairy cattle.

Improves reproductive performance

Rumen bypass is suited for dairy farmers looking to enhance their pregnancy rate.

Improved general body condition

As a superior cow feed supplement, rumen bypass fat is highly ideal for achieving top body condition for high yielding cattle.

Essential fatty acids

As a dairy farmer, you want fat supplements with fatty acids that are easily metabolized in the dairy cow’s body. Rumen bypass fat is rich in essential fatty acid. Palmitic acid in bypass fat helps improve butterfat capacity.

Final thoughts

Level of production by ruminants primarily depends on the quality and quantity of feed. Based on results on cattle, rumen bypass fat is an excellent energy source for dairy rations. The cow feed supplement is incredibly cost-effective; thus, an excellent choice for commercial dairy farmers aiming to cut costs while satisfying the nutritional needs of their cattle.

Rumen bypass fat has been proven to have positive results in dairy cattle feed management. We highly recommend the nutrition for dairy farmers looking for maximum return over feed cost. Looking for premium rumen bypass fat in Malaysia? JV Partner Malaysia is your go-to supplier for the best bargains in the market.

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