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Ruminant Animals Fat Malaysia

Bypass Fat-Superior Ruminant Animals Fat

Animal nutrition is a major concern for many ruminant keepers. Ruminants need a balanced feed with sufficient nutrients to ensure sustained dairy production. Today, more dairy farmers are using ruminant animal fat to meet the requirements of their dairy animals.

We highly recommend bypass fat to ruminants for best performance feeding rate.

Sourced from palm stearin, bypass fat has a very high percentage of beneficial fatty acids, especially Palmitic acid. Let’s explore the profound benefits of bypass fat as a ruminant animal fat.

Increased milk production and quality

The primary objective of many dairy farmers is to not only achieve optimal milk yields but also improve the quality of their milk. Supplementation of bypass fat products to ruminants results in higher total solids and fat in the milk. It’s an excellent way to maximize milk production.

Fewer diseases

As a dairy farmer, you need a consistently healthy herd to achieve better returns from your dairy farm. Bypass fat is a highly recommended ruminant animals fat for dairy farmers looking to achieve healthy ruminants.

 It’s proven to a large extent reduce ketosis and fatty liver, among other diseases that may hinder optimal animal performance. Additionally, bypass fat for ruminants helps restore milk production after illness.

Improves digestion

Bypass fat is a ruminant animal fat of choice for many dairy farmers looking to achieve enhanced growth and production in their herd. As a dairy farmer, you want a ruminant animal fat that is not degraded in the rumen, hence direct supply.

Bypass fat passes intact until it reaches the lower git of ruminants where it’s digested. Consequently, ruminant animals fat provides dietary protein and essential nutrients directly ruminants. Also, it’s worth noting that bypass fat has a high melting point hence insoluble at rumen temperature.

Increased energy

Ruminant bypass fat is a high energy source in animal diet that effectively prevents negative energy balance. The products usually have a high energy concentration, hence maximum energy intake by ruminants.

Essentially, energy is the fuel that keeps all the body functions of the animal workings. Providing your herd with ruminant animal fat ensures an adequate supply of the much-needed energy for milk production.

Without enough energy in dairy rations, the milk yield is likely to drop significantly. Furthermore, pregnant cows become ill after calving. Ruminant animals fat helps promote and improve body condition for dairy cattle. We highly recommend bypass fat as a superior supplemental fat to ensure proper energy levels.

Reproduction and fertility

One of the profound benefits of bypass fat is increased fertility, lifetime productivity, and length of life. When fed to ruminants, bypass fat is proven to enhance fertility management.


Ideally, high yielding ruminants should have a positive bodyweight that can support the performance. Bypass fat counteracts the loss of body weight in ruminants, especially after lactation or illness.

Product safety

Compared to other alternatives such as oil and gee, bypass fat is a healthier and more economical ruminant animal fat. As a dairy farmer, working with the right cow feed supplier ensures product safety of your supplemental animal fat. Today, there is an increased focus on 100% fat from vegetable sources. Suitable ruminant animal fat should be free from any toxic substances.

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