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Food Supplements for Cattle Malaysia

Supplementing Bypass Fats-What You Need To Know

Dairy farmers, not just in Malaysia, but globally are increasingly formulating their cattle feed with a mix of ingredients. There is a huge demand for quality food supplements, as many dairy producers seek to optimize their returns from dairy farming investments. The cost of feeds comprises a considerable proportion of the total running costs for dairy farms. In this regards, dairy farmers need a feeding formula that ensures right rations with proper nutritional mix.

Rumen bypass fat has been widely adopted as a high energy feed additive for a wide range of ruminants. It’s an excellent food supplement that is proven to significantly boost milk yield, besides enhancing body condition and fertility.   Whether you are a small scale or large scale farmer, the latest bypass fat supplement from JV Partner Malaysia has been tailored to help you achieve substantial savings on feed costs.


When it comes to milk productivity, the importance of cow feed cannot be overstated. Through food supplements, dairy farmers have managed to increase milk production from each cow by several liters.The products essentially provide the missing link between increased milk production and low feed intake. Bypass fat is one of the best productivity-boosting supplements in the market today.

Energy density

As a superior food supplement, bypass fat ensures that cattle utilize less feeds faster. It’s a highly recommended product for farmers looking to boost growth rate and weight gain while protecting their herd from diseases. Bypass fat is an excellent food supplement when it comes to energy density.

More often than not, energy-dense foods tend to be high in fat, for both animal and human diet. When you’re striving for weight gain, especially for lactating cows, the goal is to utilize high energy-dense cow feed such as bypass fat supplementation. As an excellent energy source, bypass fat has proven long-term effectiveness and nutritional adequacy.

Fatty acids

The level of fatty acids is an essential factor when looking for suitable supplements for your herd. Cattle feed supplements rich in palmitic acids have better butterfat percentage. Stearic acid is another essential fatty acid that is primarily sourced from vegetable oils.

Rumen bypass fat is rich in both palmitic acid and stearic acid, which are utilized for milk production and energy balance. The latest fat supplement from JV Partner Malaysia has a well-chosen fatty acid profile that is highly digestible.

Balanced diet

The proper balance of all essential nutrients and minerals in diets is necessary to achieve a successful nutrition program that is both productive and cost-effective. Today, many dairy farmers are looking for dietary supplementation with specific nutrient content to ensure maximum benefit for their herd.

Storage and shelf life

Bypass fat products have an extended shelf life, usually at least 12 months from the manufacturing date. We highly recommend storing the products in a cool and dry are `with ambient temperature. Also, the area should be odour free.

Your cattle supplements supplier of choice

At JV Partner Malaysia, we specialize in the manufacture and supply of animal feed and food supplements for dairy cattle. Partner with us for tailored products and solutions that will certainly enhance performance and productivity of your herd.

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