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Palm Fat Powder Supplier Malaysia

Palm Fat Powder Supplier Malaysia

JV Partner Malaysia is a reputable cow feed manufacturer in Malaysia. With our extensive expertise and industry network, we are the go-to partners when it comes to dairy cattle nutrition. JV Partner Malaysia is committed to technical excellence, reliability, and innovation in all our products.

Premium palm fat powder from JV Partner Malaysia is made from palm stearin using the latest fat processing technology. The nutritional supplements are the ultimate energy solutions for dairy cattle. So what are the features and benefits you can expect from our Palm fat powder?

Milk quantity and quality

Palm fat powder is a highly preferred supplement to increase milk yield. Proper use of the product has been proven to boost milk yield by several liters per day. A high concentration of Palmitic acids improves fat content in milk.

Palm fat powder from JV Partner Malaysia is tailored to provide the missing link between milk production and low feed intake. The fatty acid composition has been carefully processed to achieve maximum milk yield and quantity.

Natural nutritional supplement

Palm fat powder is made from pure vegetable oil. The product is highly digestible in the lower gut of dairy cattle, thus maximum growth and production benefits.

Highly palatable

Palm fat powder has a natural vegetable fat odor making it a highly delicious supplement. Due to its granulated dry form, palm fat powder is naturally tasty and free-flowing.

Better pregnancy rate

Palm fat powder has been proven to enhance the pregnancy rate for dairy cattle. It reduces cost and increases profitability, especially for large scale dairy farming. More dairy producers are using bypass fats to influence fertility phenomena, in terms of insemination ration and calving interval.

Body condition

There is a massive demand for fat supplements to help maintain and improve body condition of dairy cattle. Palm fat powder helps reduce weight loss, especially during lactation. With the right quality dairy cattle supplements, your cattle herd is likely to show positive outward signs within just a few days.

Healthy cattle

As a dairy farmer, having a healthy herd helps maximize your profit. Palm fat powder notably minimizes the risk of ketosis. It’s a highly recommended nutritional supplement for dairy farmers seeking to promote the well-being and performance of their cattle.

High energy content

Palm fat powder is an ideal choice if you are looking for high energy content.
The cost-effective energy source increases the energy density of dairy rations. The use of palm fat powder for dairy cattle helps provide dairy rations with adequate of concentrates. It not only promotes healthy rumen but also supplies the energy requirements needed for high milk yield.

Easy to Handle

Given its granulated form, palm fat powder is easily handled and incorporated into the cow’s ration. Also, the product has an extended shelf life, usually at least 12 months from date of manufacture.

Ultimately, our palm fat powder is an efficient and cost-effective animal nutrition product for maximum profitability from your dairy farm. Should you need a quotation, kindly contact our team today.

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