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Ruminant Fat Powder Malaysia

Essential Ruminant Nutrition Tips

As a dairy farmer, you want to maintain optimal milk yield from your herd, especially with a rise in milk prices. It’s worth noting that inadequate nutrition is a common cause of weight loss, infertility and low milk yields and other health issues in ruminants. Let’s dive into some actionable nutrition tips that will help you get the most from your herd.

Having clear objectives

Having the right nutrition is key to the optimal performance of cattle, especially during essential growth stages such as lactation.  As a dairy farmer, it’s necessary to be clear about your objectives in feeding a ruminant fat powder.  For those looking to raise milk production during lactation, ruminant fat powder is one of the most effective products in the market. Ruminant fat powder also has positive impact on body condition, fertility, and milk fat percentage.

If the primary goal is to promote the production of milk fat, then it’s imperative to choose fats with a higher proportion of c16 fatty acids. Ruminant fat powder is rich in high c16 protected fats hence ideal where butterfat capacity requires a boost. It supplies essential fatty acids needed to drive yield.

Feed nutrients

Ideally, the animal feed should meet the nutrition requirements of your animal. Generally, the composition of feeds in dairy ration is based on the type of animals being fed and their production levels. It’s worth noting that young ruminants require more protein than fully grown ones. Also, animals need higher protein content in their ration during lactation.

Product quality

Your cow feed product supplier of choice should offer products with utmost quality guarantee. Animal feed products from JV Partner Malaysia are manufactured from quality raw materials that are carefully selected based on strict specifications. Also, the products are tested throughout the production process to ensure utmost quality. As a dairy farmer, you want dairy feed products that are free from any toxics or unsuitable foreign materials.

Cost effective feeding management

Feeding costs form a huge proportion of overall milk production costs. As a dairy farmer, it’s imperative to ensure the benefits of your cow feed products outweigh the costs.

Commercial dairy farmers are increasingly implementing modern feeding strategies to maximize their profit margins. Ruminant fat powder is processed primarily made from palm stearin, making it a very economical protected fat.


Water is a critical compound for all animals. It supports several essential functions in the animal body, including regulation of body temperature, tissue structure, and carrier of nutrients, among others.

Ruminants require water to make saliva for swallowing feed and chewing cud. Also, milking cattle need water for milk production. Besides proper nutrition, we highly recommend providing sufficient amounts of quality freshwater for optimal performance.

What makes us unique?

JV Partner Malaysia is a modern, reputable company from Malaysia in the field of cow feed products. Our state-of-the-art plant guarantees exceptional product quality. As a customer-centric company, we care about the nutrition welfare of your herd and are committed to helping you feed your dairy cattle the right way.

. Since its foundation, the focus of JV Partner Malaysia has been on supply of livestock feed, particularly for dairy cattle, and modern food supplements. Based on our expertise and network in the industry, we aim to ensure the best cost performance and consistent product quality.  Looking for quality ruminant fat powder in Malaysia? Contact us today for a custom package.

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