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Animal Fat Nutrition Malaysia

Rumen Bypass Fat to Meet Animal Fat Nutrition Needs

Dairy farming is hugely competitive, not just in Malaysia but across the world. It’s important to note that by providing the right fat at the right time, you can get the most from your dairy cows. The latest animal fat nutrition from JV Partner Malaysia is designed to achieve optimal productivity in your herd. It has been proven to considerably promote animal productivity.

Dairy cattle require a tremendous amount of energy for healthy growth and optimal milk yields. One of the primary reasons for animal fat nutrition is to increase energy intake. The energy content of animal supplements to a large extent influences the level of milk production. For both commercial and subsistence dairy farming, providing the right animal fat nutrition considerably minimizes the cost per tonne of pasture eaten.

When it comes to commercial dairy farming, one of the profound benefits of animal fat nutrition is enhanced flexibility in increasing milk production. You want to maintain optimal milk yield from your dairy cattle, especially with a rise in milk prices. Also, animal fat nutrition help increase milk protein content whenever the energy content in pasture reduces. Feeding of properly prepared rumen bypass fats has helped achieve considerable economic benefits, especially for large scale dairy farming.

Rumen bypass fat is proven to increase fertility. Also, animal fat nutrition promotes growth in heifers and young cows. It helps achieve excellent body condition score. For young cattle, you want to extend the lactation length, especially when the pasture available reduces.

Nutrition rich in fats provides more energy density, especially when compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Supplementing the animal feed with fats increases the energy density of the diet. That being said, we recommend that the feed intake is consistent to achieve the desired energy intake within minimal time.

The energy concentration and cost of animal fat nutrition primarily depends on the digestibility of the fat source. Rumen bypass fat is highly preferred by many dairy farmers for its excellent digestibility by different types of animals. As a superb animal fat nutrition source, rumen bypass provides profound benefits in terms of cost, energy value, and composition of specific fatty acids. Also, rumen bypass fat is an ideal choice if you want ease of handling and blending into diets.

How much fat do your cattle need? As with any animal feed nutrition, moderation is key. With our expertise in the industry, we advise our customers on the best ways to incorporate rumen-protected fats in your animal nutrition. Looking for animal fat nutrition in Malaysia? Contact JV Partner Malaysia for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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