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Cattle Lactation Feed Malaysia

Feed Efficiency in Lactating Cows

The dairy industry is very competitive, not just in Malaysia but across the world. In this regards, your dairy animals must produce optimal litres of milk per day for your farm to be profitable.

The nutritional needs of specific dairy animals are critical in the overall productivity of the herd. Given that feeding costs account for as much as 70% of total production cost, profitability in dairy farm majorly depends on how well you manage the feeds.

Bodyweight and milk output

The primary reasons for proper cattle nutrition are to achieve suitable body weight and for production.  Incase maintenance of body weight for lactating cows is not satisfied, the animal tends to use its body weight to perform the much needed metabolic functions. Consequently, the animal ends up losing weight, besides reduced milk output.

 More often than not, underfed dairy cattle will cut down on milk yields. Bypass fat is highly reliable cattle lactation feed that helps achieve a balance between weight gain and milk yields. Also, it helps improve overall body condition.

As a dairy farmer, it’s imperative to regularly watch the body condition of lactating animals. Overfeeding can lead to over fat animals with minimized conception. Providing the right animal nutrition helps achieve optimal milk production from your herd. Based on previous feeding patterns, you can make more informed decisions going forward and achieve optimal milk production.

Better milk quantity and quality

Bypass fat is a cost effective cattle lactation feed, with many dairy farmers using the products to achieve high milk-producing herd. We highly recommend bypass fats in providing essential nutrients to satisfy the metabolic requirements and sustain milk yields, especially in lactating cows.

Bypass fat has been proven to enhance the overall milk fat content of dairy cattle. It’s an excellent solution if you looking for cattle lactation feed with high percentage of palmitic acid, which is the main content of milk fat.

Energy density

The importance of high energy concentration in cattle lactation feed cannot be overstated. Animal nutritional experts have consistently cited bypass fat as an excellent solution to increase the energy density of animal diet. Consequently, there is increased use of bypass fats as a must-have ingredient in the ration of high producing cattle.

It’s important to note that the saturated fatty acids in rumen bypass fats are easily digested in the lower gut of cows. Given that bypass fat is available in powder form, it’s naturally palatable and free-flowing, hence ideal for satisfying the animal energy requirements of lactating cattle.

Feeding calves

When it comes to feeding calves, we recommend feeding them milk based on their body weight. Some farmers find it necessary to measure the weight of the calf regularly. As a result, you can make more accurate decisions regarding a suitable feeding plan.

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