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Distributor Wanted Malaysia

Distributor Wanted Malaysia

How to Find Distributors for Your Product or Company

Finding distributors for new products is a huge roadblock for start-ups and established companies alike. Even with well-established products, searching for distributors is not straightforward, especially in new markets.  There are many several reasons why you might be finding it difficult to find distributors. For example, your product may not be in high demand.

 It goes without saying that many markets are influenced by the forces of demand and supply. In this regards, few distributors may be willing to touch your products if they won’t sell fast in the market. Additionally, it’s essential that the company makes adequate investment in branding and advertising. This makes it easy for distributors to market the goods in the market. Majority of distributors are looking for unique products that will easily stand out among those of competitors in the market.

Having the right business relationships can dramatically boost your sales, besides helping you access untapped markets. As a manufacturer, you want to establish a strong presence on leading marketplaces. Finding the right distributors entails keeping an eye on the retail level. You need to understand the ins and outs of how the market and entire industry operate.

Professionals such as JV Partner are able to do adequate market analysis that is tailored to your business needs. Consequently, we are able to determine the main distributors who are selling in the market of choice. We help our clients have a shortlist of suitable distributors who might be willing to accept new brands. It’s essential that the distributors have high requirement levels.

With our huge network of both manufacturers and distributors, JV Partner has many leads in the industry. The leads are important when looking for distributors, especially because they help determine who is good in the market. Existing channel dealers are very valuable for every manufacturer in the industry. You will be surprised at the deep insight they can offer, with regards to what is happening in the market.

Trade directories and trade fairs are very useful in finding sales distributors. When it comes to trade fairs, business owners are able to have direct interactions with distributors and agents.  Companies can thus make a more informed decision regarding the distributors to go with. It’s critical for companies to have a contact for distribution inquiry on the website. As a result, any distributors or agent who wants to get in touch can easily contact you from the site. Many consumer durable brands are using the strategy in order to attract more distributors.

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