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Palm Fat Powder Malaysia

Palm Fat Powder Malaysia

Palm fat powder has been widely adopted by milk producers to provide additional fat. The cow feed product to a large extent, influence dairy cattle performance and reproduction. Palm fat powder is primarily manufactured from pure vegetable oil-based fat, with palm stearin being the ingredient. It’s worth noting that pure palm fat powder should not have any carrier or additives.

Benefits of palm fat powder

Today, fat supplements play a fundamental role in dairy diets. Let’s explore some of the profound benefits of palm fat powder.

Efficient milk production

As a superior fat supplement, palm fat powder is proven to promote milk production, reproduction, growth, and health, thus maximum profitability from your dairy farm. The economic benefit of feeding palm fat powder is immense. Through the use of the right products, dairy farmers have managed to increase average milk yields by several liters each day.

High energy density

Rumen bypass fat has a high calorific density. As a result, the product is a vital source of energy in dairy rations. Palm fat powder is developed using palm oil sources as an energy supplement for cattle feed. It is recommended as a cost-effective energy source that reliably boosts the energy density of the feed.


Palm fat powder is especially useful during early lactation to provide the much-needed energy for high-quality milk production. Many dairy farmers are using palm fat powder to balance dairy rations to ensure an adequate amount of concentrates. Palm fat powder is targeted to enhance milk yield, milk fat, fertility, and body condition score through lactation.

Enhancing animal health

Fatty acids in palm fat powder have been proven to add more value to dairy cow diet beyond energy supply. For example, fatty acids stimulate an immune response, thus helping achieve good animal health. In this regards, the composition of fatty acids is essential when choosing among different fat supplement products.


Palm fat powder is also increasingly becoming an integral part of daily animal nutrition to promote fertility. Based on research, energy-dense dairy rations support positive body condition maintenance and as a result, enhances reproductive performance.


The digestibility and utilization of different fat supplements vary significantly depending on the degree of saturation. Dairy farmers prefer unsaturated fats which provide easy digestibility for the cows.

Palm fat powder is not degraded in the rumen but is digested in the lower digestive tract. Additionally, palm fat powder has a natural vegetable fat odor making it highly palatable.

Why choose us?

JV Partner Malaysia is your cow feed supplier of choice in Malaysia. When it comes to palm fat powder, we have focused on manufacturing an ideal fat supplement that promotes feed intake, and ensures minimal alteration in the rumen. Also, our products offer high digestibility and are rich in essential fatty acids that encourage essential metabolic function.

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