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Animal Feed Additive Malaysia

Animal Feed Additive Malaysia

Animal feed additives are usually mixed with animal feed to provided much-needed nutrients that are not normally available to animals, especially dairy cattle. Ideally, the animal feed additive should promote feed presentation, digestibility and the overall metabolism of the animal.  We highly recommend feed additives in animal nutrition to enhance the quality of feed. Additionally, the products are excellent in improving overall animal performance and health.

Bypass fats provide the missing link between optimal milk production and low feed intake. As an animal feed additive, bypass fats products are proven to increase the energy density of the animal feed. Today, innovative animal feed manufacturers have introduced high-performance rumen bypass fats ideal for different types of dairy cattle.

More and more dairy farmers are supplementing fat in rumen-protected form. There is a need for quality animal feed additives that can reliably enhance the energy density of animal feeds. Bypass fats are an excellent choice if you want a reliable energy source that does not affect digestion.

Bypass fats are proven to highly improve the digestibility of feed materials. Alternative supplements such as oil or ghee are not only uneconomical but can also hamper digestion in the rumen.  As a long-lasting animal feed additive, bypass fats have a long shelf life, usually more than a year from the date of Manufacturing.

For dairy cattle, animal additive is incredibly beneficial during advance pregnancy and early lactation. Bypass fats, in particular, are excellent in reducing energy deficiency. Consequently, you achieve enhanced milk production and reproduction from your herd. Also, the animals have less possibility for metabolic disorders, especially ketosis.  Ultimately, bypass fat increases productivity and productive life of dairy cattle.

Bypass fats are primarily made from palm stearin base. When looking for suitable bypass fats, you want products rich in fatty acids that are unreactive in the rumen. With continued advancement in technology, animal feed manufacturers have introduced products that are customized for specific protein and fat content. Also, better quality additives are available with impressive bypass rate.

Product safety

It’s critical that animal feed additive undergo a thorough approval process before they are placed on the market. The products should be safe for animals, consumers, and the environment in general. A proper scientific evaluation should be carried out to prevent any harmful effects. As a customer, it’s imperative to work with a reputable animal feed supplier or manufacturer.

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