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Palm Oil Animal Feed Malaysia

Choosing The Ideal Palm Oil Animal Feed

There is an increasing demand for rumen-stable fat powder processed from palm stearin.

Highly recommended for dairy cattle, the fractioned palm fat powder has a very high content of palmitic acid. The products are proven to considerably increase the quantity of milk and milk fat at a constant protein level.

Looking for palm oil animal feed for your herd? The key focus areas should be more milk, more energy for production, more fat, and better fertility.  The latest palm oil animal feed from JV Partner Malaysia has been tailored to tick all the above boxes.

When do animals need fat?

As a dairy farmer, you can feed your animals with fat at any time. However, fat provides maximum value during high energy demand. During lactation, dairy cattle require fat supplementation to satisfy increased demand for fat supplementation. Also, supplemental fat such as palm oil feeds is very useful in restoring body condition after illness. Essentially, palm oil animal feed is a high quality energy product in powdered form.

Providing your herd with fat sufficient diet eliminates the need for the animals to utilize their body fat as energy source which typically causes negative energy balance. With the right high-density feed, your animal benefits from more energy with every bite. We recommend purchasing high energy feeds, such as bypass fat during essential growth stages.  

How much fat to feed?

Pure vegetable oils such as bypass fat typically have a higher fat concentration than traditional forage/concentrate-based nutrition. Fat supplementation for dairy cattle primarily depends on the specific energy needs and performance goals. High yielding dairy cows may sometimes have higher energy needs due to prevailing conditions, or during lactation.

As a farmer, you may require a lower or higher amount of fat depending on the desired body condition for your herd. It’s critical to maintain fat below basal level to avoid issues in the rumen, which can significantly affect the performance of the animal especially in terms of milk production. When it comes to commercial dairy farming, it’s imperative to work with the right nutrition experts to achieve feeding efficiency.

Reducing heat stress with fat supplementation

Bypass fat is an excellent nutritional solution to minimize heat stress. It’s worth noting that digestion and feed conversion to energy generates heat in the animal’s body, thus causing heat stress, especially in hot climates. Bypass fat generates significantly less heat compared to other energy sources.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the choice of most suitable supplemental fat should primarily depend on the on what the objective of the diet or target farm is. Looking for premium palm oil animal feed in Malaysia? JV Partner Malaysia is ahead of the curve when it comes to refining palm oil and processing them into highly digestible energy sources. Contact us today for a deeper insight into our products and services.

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