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Vegetable Fat Powder Malaysia

Economical fat supplementation

Animal health and performance primarily depends on proper nutrition. As an excellent energy source for dairy cattle, bypass fat has a relatively higher return over feed cost than other vegetable fat powder in the market. Why is bypass fat a cost effective solution for fat supplementation of dairy cattle?

Improved reproduction

Dairy farmers are always looking for high quality feed products to enhance fertility. This is essential for long-term profitability from your herd. Bypass fat has been proven to promote fertility and reproduction in dairy cattle, hence reducing the need for artificial Insemination. It’s worth mentioning that poor fertility hinders dairy cows from achieving their lifetime potential.

Less veterinary costs

Vegetable fat powder has been proven to reduce the occurrence of various diseases. Bypass fat, in particular, reduces risk of ketosis and fatty liver that hinder the performance of high yielding cattle. Also, the vegetable fat powder promotes body condition after illness. In this regards, dairy farmers benefit from reduced veterinary costs thus boosting your profitability.

Increasing body weight

Bypass fat is a cost-effective solution to increase body weight thus promoting the performance of high yielding dairy cattle. It counteracts loss of body weight, especially after lactation or illness. Bypass fat is relatively economical to traditional energy sources for dairy cattle.

Energy density

When it comes to fat supplementation, the importance of energy concentration cannot be overstated. Today, secondary energy sources have become a fundamental part of ruminant’s energy supply. Animal nutritionists highly recommend bypass fat as an economical source of energy. It reliably increases the energy density of dairy rations to meet the requirements of high yielding cattle.

Rich source of nutrients

Bypass fat has abundant nutrients thus acting as a whole package to provide the much-needed nutrients for dairy cattle. Latest bypass fat product from JV Partner Malaysia is tailored to fulfill the nutritional requirements of your herd. In this regards, you can enjoy reduced overall feed costs.

Maximum feed intake

Level of feed intake is a critical factor when it comes to cattle feed efficiency. As a superior vegetable fat powder, bypass fat has high digestibility hence maximum feed intake.

For maximum benefits, you want a vegetable fat powder that is not degraded in rumen, thus direct supply. It’s worth noting that bypass provides dietary protein and nutrients directly to the git of dairy cattle.

Why buy from us?

Vegetable fat powder from JV Partner Malaysia is competitively priced, so you don’t have to break the bank. As a formidable manufacturer and supplier of animal nutrition solutions, JV Partner Malaysia supports you in achieving a healthy and high-performance herd. Contact us today for a custom package.

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