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Cattle Feed Ingredients Malaysia

​Bypass Fats for Dairy Cattle

As supreme cattle feed ingredient, bypass fats are designed to supplement or balance the essential ingredients of a feed ration to provide animals with full nourishment.  Today, bypass fats play indispensable roles in enhancing the quality of dairy cattle nutrition.  More dairy farmers are using the products to satisfy the energy requirements in their dairy cattle feed.

Bypass fat minimizes the need for traditional high protein ingredients that are comparatively costly. It is not only comparatively cost effective but also provides better feed quality than traditional feed ingredients.

Nutrient digestibility and availability

Bypass fats are highly digestible, thus providing far higher utilization compared to other energy sources. Ultimately, it enhances the performance of the immune systems. The latest bypass fat from JV Partner Malaysia enables dairy farmers to economically balance dietary protein and meet nutrients and energy requirements of high-yielding livestock.

When looking for suitable cattle feed ingredients, customers care a lot about the extent to which the animal can digest and absorb the nutrients within the different feeds. As much as many ingredients may have substantial nutrient levels, the nutrients may not be readily available to the animal. Low digestibility hinders the overall growth and productive purposes of the feeds.

Innovative cattle feed manufacturers such are continually looking for ways to further enhance the digestibility of nutrients in their products. Rumen bypass, in particular is intended to generate maximum rumen bypass. As a cattle feed ingredient, it does not interfere with rumen fermentation and is highly digestible.

Cattle feed ingredients for lactating cows

Maximizing animal feed intake can be challenging, especially in lactating cows. In this regards, you need the right ingredients to supplement feeds to meet the optimum amount of digestible requirements. Bypass fats are highly recommended to enhance feed intake and feed efficiency.

Deficiency of protein in the animal diet may not only impede animal growth but can cause various diseases. Bypass fats supplementation aims to satisfy the nutritional requirements of animals. When fed to lactating cows, bypass fats minimize the risk of ketosis, which is primarily as a result of negative energy balance.


Palatability refers to the ability of an animal to readily consumer a product. As a dairy farmer, you want cattle feed ingredients that are palatable and free-flowing. It’s worth noting that some cattle feed ingredients may have bitter components hence hindering their intake when added in diets. Many dairy farmers want ingredients with no off-flavours or aromas. Bypass fats have been proven to enhance the palatability of feeds.

Why choose us?

JV Partner Malaysia is a leading manufacturer of cattle feed ingredients in Malaysia. With enviable expertise and network in the industry, we are well placed to deliver premium products that are tailored to specific needs of the feed industry. Contact our team today for the best bargains in cattle feed ingredients and supplements.

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