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Cattle Feed Supplier Malaysia

Choosing the Most Ideal Cattle Feed Supplier

Product composition and quality

More dairy farmers are concerned about the nutrient variability of various cattle feeds.

Before buying particular animal feed products, it’s essential to determine the nutrient and ingredient composition. We recommend checking into individual suppliers and verifying the nutrient profiles and quality.

Some dairy farmers, especially in large scale milk production, perform proximate analysis to reliably determine the specific moisture, protein, fat and fiber content of different cattle feed products. Ultimately, an in-depth analysis of macro minerals and acid content in cattle feed provides an excellent indication of product quality. The ingredients should be tailored to your unique animal feeding needs.

Custom product

Suitable supplier should provide custom products that are tailored to the specific needs of the market. Important focus points when purchasing cattle feed include nutrient digestibility and availability. Innovative cattle feed manufacturers have developed better quality feeds with enhanced digestibility of much-needed nutrients.

As a dairy farmer, you want cattle feed that enables the animal to easily digest and absorb the nutrients. As a result, the nutrients are available to the animal for growth and productive purposes. Ideally, the product should have a healthy balance of nutrients.


The potential feed cost savings is a profound factor in determining use of particular cattle feed products. It’s imperative for dairy farmers to be highly aware of the pricing and value of various cattle feed within the marketplace. To achieve a competitive edge, dairy farmers are always looking for the most cost effective ways to optimize their milk production.

Product safety

We highly recommend purchasing cattle feed that is proven and tested to ensure absence of anti-nutritional or toxic factors. Suitable ingredients should ago thorough scrutiny for utmost product safety.

It’s worth noting that some ingredients can contain foreign elements that may be hazardous for animal consumption. Cattle feed manufacturers and suppliers should thoroughly check their products for any unsuitable materials.

Handling and storage

There is a need for cattle feeds to be appropriately handled and stored throughout the supply chain. Also, the product should be in a suitable form. Cattle feed products that are in liquid state or not thoroughly dried tend to have limitations when it comes to their transport or storage. Also, you need to consider the available space and how the cattle feed can be stored.

Consistency of supply

An adequate supply of the product must exist before considering the cost and nutritional value. When it comes to large scale farming, it’s imperative to choose a reliable cattle feed supplier that can consistently satisfy your cattle feed needs.
As a dairy farmer, you should be well aware of the potential animal feed volumes required over a given period. It’s worth noting that buying in bulk can have substantial cost savings.

Final Thoughts

With the growth of the internet, dairy farmers have access to valuable information regarding the best farming practices. Based on your farm results, it’s imperative to regularly improve or revamp feeding systems and patterns to enable better use of cattle feed.
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