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Cattle Feed Manufacturer Malaysia

Choosing the Right Cattle Feed Manufacturer

For countries such as Malaysia, the dairy sector constitutes a major part of the economy. As many dairy farmers in Malaysia and beyond continues to enhance their farming practices, demand for better quality cattle feed will certainly escalate upwards. In this regards, cattle feed manufacturers such should ensure the supply of quality cattle feed meets the market demand.

Finding the right manufacturer can be one of the most critical decisions for dairy farmers looking to achieve a competitive edge. Regardless of the size of your dairy farming operations, there is a need to associate with a trusted partner that will deliver exactly what your herd needs. Ingredients

Today, innovative cattle feed manufacturer are producing products that are as organic as possible. The nature of raw material used significantly influences the price of the animal feeds.

The availability of economical animal feed ingredients has not only made animal feeds more affordable but has fuelled further investment in the sector.

Consequently, farmers have access to more products and attractive prices. To achieve a competitive edge, cattle feed manufacturers should buy and stock adequate raw materials. Rumen bypass fats are primarily made from palm Stearin. Unlike other ingredients, it does not keep fluctuating in terms of price and availability.

Maximum value

Today, the market is awash with many cattle feed products. In this regards, there is a need to choose the right quality feeds that will offer maximum value. Innovative cattle feed manufacturers have been at the forefront in improving quality, production efficiencies and ultimately offering better value to dairy farmers.

Your cattle feed manufacturer of choice should consistently manufacture feeds that surpass quality standards. Also, the manufacturer should offer affordable products without compromising on quality.  When it comes to animal nutrition, rumen bypass fats for dairy cattle are an excellent solution to the issue of cost and quality.

Quality feeds

More often than not, low yield from dairy animals is attributed to substandard feeds.

Rumen bypass fats have helped optimize feed availability in terms of maintaining the daily requirements of dairy cattle. The fat powder is comparatively cheaper than other types of commercially produced feeds.

As a quality energy source, rumen bypass fats provide utmost digestibility. Consequently, the nutrients are effectively digested and utilized by the animal. Rumen bypass fats have been proven to considerably improve milk yield.

Custom products

The nutritional needs of dairy animals are at the heart of the animal feed manufacturing process. Since every dairy farm is unique, your animal needs tend to be unique too. As a dairy farmer, your cattle feed manufacturer of choice should provide high quality products perfectly tailored to your dairy cattle. Also, the company should recommend actionable farm practices to achieve better yields from dairy cattle.

Final thoughts

The right feeds should promote good health and optimal productivity in your farm. With our expertise in the industry, we recommend a selection of products that are suitable for each stage of the animal’s life. There is a need for dairy farmers to be well informed about feed consumption vs. milk production.

Sawit Pioneerfeed is your go-to cattle feed manufacturer in Malaysia. We supply premium quality products, including cattle feed supplements that are in line with your dairy farming needs. Contact us today for a custom package.

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