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Locate a Distributor Malaysia

Locate a Distributor Malaysia

For most exporters, locating a local distributor or agent is a major step for tapping into the Malaysia market. A local distributor helps in many aspects of the business including handling customs clearance, dealing with established wholesalers/retailers and handling after-sale services. Additionally, distributors may be responsible for marketing products directly to a specific group of consumers, such as major institutions or even the government.

At JV Partner, we list potential distributors or agents and study their profiles. With our expertise, we are able to come up with a partnering profile that is based on your strategy for market entry. Such a profile is essential, as it describes your company and the type of partner that you want.

Through our enviable network, we have a broad range of potential distributors and agents to suit different types of companies. It goes without saying that looking for suitable distributors can be a time consuming and stressful task for many business owners. Professionals such as JV Capital help determine the type of distributors to focus on. By deciding the different options, business owners are able to make an informed choice regarding the distributor to go with.

Majority of distributors and agents prefer working with established companies that are already making huge sales in their home market. Different levels of product differentiation are needed depending on your brand. It’s important that a company has a clear brand philosophy that appeals to a huge consumer base, besides making substantial investments on branding. Consequently, such a company doesn’t find it hard to locate the right distributors.

It’s essential to note that the majority of distributors care a lot about doing minimal advertising for the products. At JV Partner, we offer a customized package, tailored to your situation. With our network, our clients benefit from unmatched market knowledge that is certain to give you a head start. Additionally, we aim to help companies avoid mistakes and legal problems when looking for distributors.

By helping locate the right distributors, JV Partner helps our clients to generate more profit in both existing and new markets. We understand the needs of ambitious companies that want to constantly grow their sales. Through our business solutions, companies are able to enhance their distribution network. Consequently, the companies are able to provide proper technical and sales support to their agents and distributors.

As much as manufacturers play a crucial role in commerce, they cannot realize a profit without a way to effectively move their products in the market. If you need help locating a distributor in Malaysia, contact us today for personalized services.

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