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Cattle Supplements Malaysia

Essential Tips for Cattle Supplements

Today, there are increased incentives for dairy producers to boost milk and milk fat yield in their dairy cattle. Additional supplementation to your animal diet is necessary to set your herd on the right track in terms of health and productivity in the long run.

Energy intake

Energy is extremely essential for optimal dairy performance. Consequently, many dairy farmers are supplementing their animal diet with energy sources.  Energy and protein requirements can significantly increase during lactation. Bypass fats are excellent in ensuring adequate amounts of energy levels, especially in lactation dairy ration.

The natural energy source is highly recommended in achieving ideal dietary energy density in dairy cattle ration. Rumen fat powder by JV Partner Malaysia provides dairy cattle with a sufficient amount of energy, especially during crucial growth stages.

Avoid overfeeding

Regardless of the fat supplement added to the dairy cattle diet, you should avoid overfeeding fat as this may affect the health of the dairy animal. Ideally, the dairy diet should be balanced with all the necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins. The ration should be tailored to the individual nutrient demands.

Animal health and body condition

Cattle supplements are very useful in reducing incidences of common animal diseases. Rumen bypass fat, in particular, has been proven to prevent ketosis and fatty liver. Also, the products reduce the impact of heat stress on dairy cattle. Rumen bypass fat has highly beneficial Palmitic Acid which is highly digestible in the lower gut.

Customers are always looking for cattle supplements that are highly palatable and free-flowing to provide maximum benefit for their herd. Having the right body condition is critical in achieving optimal productivity from your herd. Bypass fat is an excellent supplement for dairy farmers looking to enhance body condition and reproductive performance. The high energy source reduces body weight loss in dairy cattle.

Adequate water for your herd

In addition to supplements, your dairy herd needs clean fresh water.  Water is essential for the health and performance of high yielding dairy cows.  In this regards, dairy farmers should consistently provide their herd with quality drinking water, especially during feeding breaks. Also, it’s essential to clean water troughs periodically.

Experts emphasize that mature dairy cattle must drink a lot of water to fuel essential functions and support optimal milk production. Water provides as much as 90% of overall water requirements of the animal, with the minimal reminder coming from moisture in their diet. Ideal water consumption levels primarily depend on the dairy animal’s age, health, size, and average milk production.

Product safety

Working with the right cattle feed company ensures the product safety of your cattle supplements. When it comes to fat supplements, there is an increased focus on 100% fat from vegetable sources. Suitable supplements should be free from any toxic substances.

JV Partner Malaysia is your trusted cattle supplements supplier in Malaysia. As passionate dairy farmers ourselves, we care about animal nutrition welfare. Our cattle supplements are highly manufactured and tested to ensure no interference to rumen microorganism. Contact us today for best quality cattle supplements.

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