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Ruminant Feed Formulation Malaysia

Ruminant Feed Formulation Malaysia

Satisfying the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle is essential to achieve the desired results from dairy farming. In this regards, milk producers are using better dietary management to promote animal welfare. At JV Partner Malaysia, we have great expertise in developing feed additives that improve animal welfare and productivity.

Proper feed management is essential for modern dairy farms. Today, there are many products to help achieve diets that fulfill the nutritional requirements of ruminants. Ideally, your ruminant feed formulation should promote the economic potential of your herd while also ensuring their welfare.

Balance ration

As a dairy farmer, it’s essential to have balance ration to meet nutrient requirements, especially for essential growth stages such as lactation. Besides using quality forage, it’s imperative to include supplemental fats in order to enhance your dairy ration. The ration should be tailored to the individual nutrition requirements of your herd.

Milk yield in ruminants

Ruminant feed formulation provides dairy cattle with the much needed nutrients to stay healthy and subsequently maximize production. The primary objective of most dairy farmers is optimizing their milk production while using feed efficiently.

Dairy farmers are always looking best ruminant feeds to achieve high yielding cattle.

Nutritional supplements are vital in ensuring the utmost performance of dairy ruminants over a long and productive lifespan.

Increasing feed efficiency

When it comes to feeding dairy cattle, you are essentially feeding micro-organism in the rumen. For optimal milk production from a dairy cow, you must get the most from the cow’s rumen.  In this regards, we highly recommend providing the right ruminant feed formulation that will promote the performance of the rumen. Also, it’s imperative for dairy farmers to ensure utmost udder health in ruminants.

The latest products from JV Partner Malaysia are tailored to ensure more productive herd with enhanced feed efficiency. Ultimately, better feed efficiency means enhanced milk efficiency and more profitability.

Better reproductive performance

Reduced fertility is a major concern for many dairy farmers. It hinders dairy cows from achieving their lifetime potential. Better fertility means more income from your dairy farming, besides fewer costs in terms of veterinary and insemination. In this regards, we recommend using quality ruminant feeds that will promote the fertility of your herd.

Healthy ruminants

Healthy dairy animals are more efficient and productive, besides an extended productive life. Ruminant feed formulation has a significant role in improving the immune system of your herd. Generally, well-fed cattle tend to be less vulnerable to diseases.

Rumen health is critical to the performance of your dairy cattle. Ideally, ruminant feed formulation should make the rumen work efficiently, thus achieving enhanced performance while minimizing feed costs.

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