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Animal Feed Fat Malaysia

Bypass fat: More than a source of energy

Many dairy farmers, not just in Malaysia but across the world, are looking for new ways to enhance the production efficiency of dairy cattle. One essential area of animal nutrition to focus on is animal feed fats. As an energy source, fat has as much as 2¼ times more energy compared to carbohydrates. Fat is highly recommended as a quick fix for an energy-deficient diet.

Rumen-rich animal feed fats are not just about increasing energy; they promote the overall health of dairy cattle. Consistent use of animal feed fats has significant economic benefits for dairy farmers through enhanced reproduction and better milk yields. Appropriate rations for animal feet fat primarily depends on the type of animal, the level of dietary energy, as well as the amount of milk and milk stage.

In general, the ratio of high yielding dairy cattle tends to be energy deficient during early lactation. This is especially fuelled by decreased feed intake, besides higher milk production. During the lactation period, experts highly recommend supplementing dairy cattle with bypass fat. This not only increases lactation yield but is proven to minimize inter-calving intervals.    

Preventing weight loss

When it comes to dairy cattle, severe weight loss leads to various issues including ketosis and fatty liver formation. Ultimately, it drastically affects reproductive performance and reduces milk yield. Bypass fat provides a highly reliable solution to prevent weight loss in your herd, especially during crucial growth stages.

Prevalence of palmitic acids

Ideally, your animal feed fat of choice should provide the much needed fatty acids that are necessary for various functions in dairy cattle. Such fatty acids are not made by a dairy animal in large quantities hence the need to supplement them. Palmitic acid is notably the most prevalent saturated fatty acid in nature. It’s a crucial fatty acid that effectively bypasses the rumen and subsequently turns into an energy source.

Enhanced reproduction

Proper feeding of rumen bypass fats has been proven to enhance conception rates. The dairy animal not only has better follicular health during ovulation, besides achieving a positive energy balance. Also, it minimizes the occurrence of metabolic diseases. Ultimately, rumen bypass fats help achieve optimal reproductive performance.

Why choose us?

JV Partner Malaysia provides quality animal feed fat that is rich in fatty acids to ensure optimal reproductive efficiency and healthy milk production. We have enviable expertise in the use of fat bypass as nutritional supplements. Compared to other alternatives such as oil and gee, our bypass fat products are more economical and promotes metabolism.

If you looking for animal feed fat in Malaysia, JV Partner Malaysia is your trusted partner for best quality products. We seek to understand the specific needs of our diverse clients to provide tailored solutions and build enduring relationship with them.

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