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Palm Fat For Dairy Cows Malaysia

Palm Fat For Dairy Cows Malaysia

Just like any high performing person, satisfying a dairy cow’s energy requirements is essential to maximize performance. Fat components play a fundamental role in the dairy animal in terms of milk production, health, and reproduction. Secondary sources of fat have been widely adopted to supplement the ration requirement for high yielding cows.

However, supplemental fats such as palm fat must be appropriately included in the animal diet, and not overfed. Palm fat is a stable rumen fat that is highly ideal for the ruminant digestive system. It’s the go-to dairy cattle nutrition product to achieve optimal milk production and higher fertility.


Palm Stearin is the primary ingredient of palm fat for dairy cattle. When it comes to palm fat for dairy cows, the product must be 100% vegetable source. Also, we recommend purchasing palm fat product that is pure and concentrated.

JV Partner Malaysia has adopted the latest fat processing technology to ensure premium quality. Our premium palm fat is made from fresh palm fruits.

Features and Benefits

Energy density

Highly concentrated bypass fat is an excellent solution to increase the ration’s energy density. The product has high energy concentration and is thus highly ideal for dairy cattle with energy deficiency.

Body condition and reproduction

Palm fat for dairy cows helps achieve energy-dense dairy rations that promote body condition. Also, palm fat has been proven to enhance reproductive performance. Based on research, unsaturated fatty acids found in bypass fat could have additive effects on fertility parameters. Palm fat has been shown to reduce the risk of diseases such as Ketosis.

Lactating cattle

The energy demands for dairy cows rapidly increase during lactation. At this critical growth stage, palm fat is highly effective in helping meet the nutrient demands of milk production. Dairy farmers widely use palm fat as an energy source for high lactating cows.

Highly palatable

A significant focus area when shopping for suitable cow feed products is palatability. Palm fat has a natural vegetable fat odor and is thus extremely tasty. Also, it’s free-flowing, thus providing maximum benefits for your cattle.

Butterfat capacity

Palm fat is highly recommended if you want to fulfill essential fatty acid requirements. Palmitic acid is a significant component in palm fat that increases butterfat yields in milk. As a result, bypass fat is an excellent nutrition solution for dairy farmers looking to optimize their butterfat capacity. It’s worth noting that butterfat is a significant factor when it comes to milk quantity.

Storage and shelf life

Palm fat for dairy cows typically has an extended shelf life of at least 12 months from date of manufacture. We recommend correctly storing the product in an open packing in a cool, dry, and odor-free room.

Final thoughts

As a dairy farmer, you want a palm fat product that is highly digestible to ensure optimal benefits for your herd. Also, palm fat with high palatability improves the appetite of your dairy cattle.
We are the go-to cow feed supplier in Malaysia for the best bargains. Palm fat powder from JV Partner Malaysia is produced in one factory thus consistent quality. Our dairy cattle feed supplements are the ultimate nutritional solutions for your herd.

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