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Ruminant Feed Supplier Malaysia

JV Partner Malaysia -Your Partner in Ruminant Nutrition

Suitable ruminant nourishment is a fundamental part of the food chain. In this regards, JV Partner Malaysia is committed to providing the best animal nutrition product for the global market. We have adopted cost effective and innovative manufacturing techniques to ensure customer satisfaction. Ultimately, our company aims to promote better feeding efficiency for your dairy farming.

High standards

As a dairy farmer, you want to partner with a ruminant feed supplier that is certified against relevant standards in the industry. The sourcing and processing of raw materials for quality assured animal feed has become a significant consumer concern. It’s imperative to partner with a company that carefully selects raw materials to ensure consistent quality of the final product.

Ruminant feed quality and safety must be given high priority to ensure utmost safety for animal consumption. In combination with our enviable expertise and industry network, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. As a customer-centric company, our products are customized to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we offer valuable advice regarding ruminant nutrition.

Quality ruminant feed

Today, animal feed manufacturers have a fundamental duty to ensure products for feeding cattle are free from any restricted animal material. JV Partner Malaysia meets and exceeds all relevant safety standards. We offer ruminant feed products with the highest quality guarantee. When it comes to raw material for animal feeds, we use quality palm stearin that is carefully selected based on strict specifications.

Ruminant feed from JV Partner Malaysia is tailored to ensure feed utilization efficiency in ruminants. Furthermore, products are tested at various stages of the production process to ensure the highest quality. As a dairy farmer, you can expect reliability and quality of our products. Our ruminant feeds are manufactured in one plant, thus ensuring consistency in product quality


Benefit from Sawit Pioneerfeed’s expertise, which has helped many farmers across Malaysia. Our highly trained staff offers immense product and market knowledge. As a formidable manufacturer, JV Partner Malaysia provides innovative products for ruminant nutrition. The sales team is always at your service to help you choose the ideal ruminant feed formulation for your herd.

Ruminant feed manufactured to satisfy specific needs

Animals’ nutritional requirements constantly evolve during its various growth stages. For example, a growing heifer will require different dietary intake as an adult lactating cow. Adapt the diet of your herd with the latest ruminant feed and supplements from JV Partner Malaysia. Being passionate dairy farmers ourselves; we are continually working to unlock the highest potential of every ruminant.

Looking for quality ruminant feed in Malaysia? JV Partner Malaysia is a reliable feed supplier who assures products with unmatched price/quality ratio. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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