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Rumen Powder Malaysia

Fundamentals of Rumen Powder in Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Consistently feeding cattle with animal feed products rich in nutrition content significantly boosts their general health and productivity. When it comes to milk production, getting the right feeds and supplements is critical to achieving positive returns from your dairy farm.

Dairy cattle require a high amount of energy for milk production and maintenance of body tissues. Today, rumen powder has been widely adopted by dairy farmers as a rich source of energy for cattle, besides other production and fertility benefits. The products are easily mixed into dairy rations.

Dietary energy density

Dietary energy density refers to the quantity of available energy per unit of weight in nutrition. Generally, an animal diet that is high in fat tends to have high energy density. For dairy farmers seeking feeding efficiency, it’s imperative to choose cow feed products such as rumen powder that has high energy concentration.

Studies in animal nutrition show that consumption of high energy-dense diets such as rumen powder tends to cause increased energy intake and weight gain. Rumen powder is an excellent choice for dairy farmers looking for top energy-dense products with the superior nutritional quality of the diet.

Form of supplementation

Rumen powder is easily supplemented to dairy cattle by mixing it with concentrate mixture. The supplement can either be given as a single dose or in divided doses. Suitable amounts of rumen powder to be supplemented should be primarily based on the specific nutritional requirements of your herd.

Economics of supplementing of rumen powder to dairy cattle

Cost of production of any cow feed primarily depends on the value of raw materials. By purchasing the raw materials in bulk, rumen powder manufacturers such as JV Partner Malaysia can significantly minimize the cost of production. Ultimately, this means more value for dairy farmers.

It’s worth noting that rumen powder is primarily made from palm stearin. The natural vegetable oil is cost-effective, especially compared to other alternatives in the market. Rumen powder essentially provides the missing link between increased milk production and low feed intake.

Feed conversion

As a dairy farmer, you want a cow feed product that can be easily converted by your herd from mass material to nutritional value. Rumen powder has excellent digestibility, thus effectively targeted to enhance milk yield, milk fat, fertility, and body condition. Also, it’s highly palatable due to its natural vegetable odor.

Final thoughts

Besides proper nutrition, there is a need for safety and comfortable environment for your cattle. Ultimately, an inadequate quality shelter for dairy cattle has a substantial impact on milk yield and the general well-being of the herd. Having a proper shed with enough space, ventilation, and dry floor makes a huge difference in your dairy farm.

Are you looking for rumen-stable fat powder in Malaysia? Premium Rumen powder from JV Partner Malaysia is tailored to promote the well-being and performance of your dairy cattle and makes your life as a dairy farmer easier. Contact us today for a custom package.

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