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Rumen Protected Fat Malaysia

Rumen Protected Fat: Made To Meet Specific Needs

Given the competitive nature of the dairy industry, efficient milk production is crucial. Choice of feed is a critical factor in achieving optimal results with a healthy herd and lowest possible dairy farming costs. In this regards, dairy farmers are looking for the best quality nutrition solutions in order to maximize milk yields and butterfat capacity. In this regards, innovative feed manufacturers are developing fresh and innovative products to meet the needs of the market. 

Rumen protected fats are high quality energy source usually in powdered form. Product range for the cattle feed products is primarily based on varying production techniques. JV Partner Malaysia offers premium rumen protected fat tailored to immensely boost the performance of dairy cattle.

Rich energy source

Rumen protected fat is an economical animal feed solution to provide the much needed extra energy for high yielding dairy animals. It is common knowledge that fat contains as much as 2¼ times more energy than carbohydrates. In this regards, fat is highly recommended in providing a quick fix for energy-deficient diet. Rumen protected fat effectively enhances the ration’s energy density.

The product helps meet increasing energy demand during essential growth stages, especially the lactation period. With enhanced energy levels, rumen-protected fat offers unmatched performance compared to many alternative cow feed products in the market.

Weight maintenance

Severe weight loss in dairy cattle causes illnesses such as ketosis and fatty liver formation. Industry experts acknowledge weight loss as major reason behind decreased reproductive performance, besides falling milk yield. Rumen protected fat is an excellent nutrition solution to counter weight loss in dairy cattle, and consequently, promote the body condition of your herd.

Fat content

Rumen protected fat products are rich in high digestible refined edible fats. Ideally, the animal nutrition product should be palatable and free-flowing to optimize feed intake. Also, the fat should generate maximum rumen bypass and ensure no interference to rumen microorganism. There is high demand for products with natural vegetable fat odour.

Economical animal nutrition

Given its relatively low cost, Rumen protected fat is one of the most economical animal nutrition solutions for dairy cattle. The product promotes milk production efficiency. For large scale commercial dairy farming, we recommend buying rumen protected fat in bulk for substantial cost savings.

JV Partner Malaysia is your trusted partner in animal nutrition. We offer customer support and valuable information regarding rumen protected fat. Looking for premium quality rumen protected fat in Malaysia? Contact us today for the best bargains in the market.

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