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Our Signature Product

Product Details


  • Generates maximum rumen bypass
  • No interference to rumen microorganism
  • No hydrogenation and free from trans fatty acid
  • Palatable and free flowing
  • Increase milk production
  • Improve pregnancy rate
  • Reduce incidence of ketosis and fatty liver
  • Reduce the impact of heat stress

Fat based energy source for ruminant animal nutrition

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is promoted within the feed industry as a powerful energy source to support important animal functions. It has direct effects on body condition score, reproductive efficiency, and dairy performance. The product is rich in highly digestibility palm fatty acids that easily bypass the rumen and are less susceptible to biohydrogenation.

Product Description

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is a premium Rumen bypass fat power produced by JV Partner Malaysia. The product is specifically designed to increase milk production, boost performance, and maximize profitability.

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat has a balanced fatty acid formula to optimize milk fat, milk yield and maintain positive energy balance and boy weight. This unique product provides maximum nutritional benefits to dairy cattle without reducing intake.

A significant challenge for dairy farmers is how to achieve high-energy dense ration without reducing feed intake. Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat has high Palmitic acid content that essentially becomes a direct energy source for ruminants. Add the product in ruminant food rations to enhance their energy uptake

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat provides dairy cattle with sufficient energy amount, especially during essential growth stages. High yielding dairy cattle experience increased energy demand during lactation. Supplement them with Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat to increase milk production while simultaneously preventing energy deficiency and heat stress.

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat has been proven to considerably boost milk production and milk fat %. The product is derived from best quality palm stearin, making it consistently safe for animal nutrition. It serves as a safe and effective source of energy in animal diet.

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is available in a white powder form for ease of use and utmost feeding efficiency. As a superior energy source in rumen feed, this product doesn’t interfere with rumen fermentation and is highly absorbed in the small intestine. The palatability of the product improves intake.

Major Ingredients & Specifications

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is 100% derived from refined palm stearin.

Typical Application

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is primarily used to provide high metabolizable energy and essential fatty acids for ruminants. It is utilized as an ingredient in complete feeds.

Packing & Storage Information

Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is available in 25kg bags.

Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated room, away from direct sunlight.

Product shelf life:

12 months

Usage Application

In preparing appropriate feed rations, dairy farmers should consider the type of breed, as well as the nutrient requirements of the animal. Sawit Pioneerfeed Rumen Bypass Fat is provided daily or, as recommended by a registered animal specialist. As a golden rule, progressively change the diet within 2-3 weeks.

Product Name Megafat 701
Ingredient Palm Stearine
Packing Size25 Kg paper bag
Shelf Life1 year from date of manufacture
Storage ConditionKeep dry, avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures
Physical Characteristic White beads at ambient temperature
Microbiological Specification
Total Plate Count1 X 106 cfu/g max
E. coli Absent in 1 g
Coliform Count 50 MPN/g max
Yeast & Mold 1000 cfu/g
Chemical Specification-
Slip Melting point (˚C).55 Min
Iodine value (Wijs)20 Max.
Moisture & Impurities (%)0.5 Max.
FFA (as palmitic acid) 0.5 Max.
Fatty Acid Profile (%)
C16:0 75 – 85
C18:04 – 6
C18:1 10 - 16
C18:22 - 4
Typical Nutritional Value
Total fat 99.5%
Net Energy 6400 Kcal/kg
Trans Fat: Nil(<1.0g per 100g)
Metal Contaminant Specification
LeadMax 0.1 mg/kg
ArsenicMax 0.1 mg/kg
MercuryMax 0.1 mg/kg
CadmiumMax 0.05 mg/kg
AntimonyMax 1 mg/kg
SpeciesMilk Yield (kg/year)Yield StageDairy Dietary Fat (%)Add Volume (g/day)
Dairy Cow>8500Early Lactation (0-10 Weeks)7.0-8.0450-900g
Mid Lactation (11-20 Weeks)6.5-7.5450-600g
Latter Lactation (>21 Weeks)6.0-7.0450g
5500 - 6500Early Lactation (0-10 Weeks)6.0-7.0450-650g
Mid Lactation (11-20 Weeks)5.5-6.5250-450g
Latter Lactation (>21 Weeks)4.0-5.0-
< 5500Early Lactation (0-10 Weeks)5.0-6.0250-450g
Mid Lactation (11-20 Weeks)4.0-5.0150-250g
Latter Lactation (>21 Weeks)3.0-4.0-
Cattle--2.0-5.0% Concentrated Feed
Sheep--1.0-3.0% Concentrated Feed

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