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Qualities to look out for in potential distributors

Networking is essentially the foundation of the distribution industry. In this regards, distributors should aim to nurture the right relationships and connections. Whether you are a new or seasoned distributor, JV Partner will help you gain a deep understanding of your target market and industry. We take pride in helping achieve stronger partnerships between distributors and manufacturers.

One of the major problems for manufacturers is finding ways to distribute their products in the market. It’s worth noting that selling products directly to customers can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. Consequently, working with the right distributors can be a great plus for your brand. This article discusses some qualities to look out for when choosing a suitable distributor.

Expertise in your product type and target market

Your distributor of choice should be well familiar with the necessary quality and legal requirements. JV Partner trains our distributors to identify and fix problems before they adversely affect the distribution network. For manufacturers looking for distributors, we will connect you with distributors with the much-needed expertise to help drive your business.

JV Partner helps in vetting the prospective suppliers’ experience with your product and target market. What makes a good distributor or agent? Distributors that have these features of a good distributor are cut above the rest.

Customer experience

Customer experience is fundamental to the market performance of distributors. Manufacturers look for distributors that are easy to do business with. Also, suitable distributors should be very knowledgeable about Industry Trends.

Operation excellence

Suitable distributors or agents should provide assurance that the products will reach the customers on time and in the right condition. An experienced distributor offers informed advice on the best strategies the manufacturer should use to effectively enter the market. With the right distributor, the manufacturer can easily achieve the desired results in the market.


As a distributor, it is important to not only comply with the law but also do what is ethical at all times. If you are a manufacturer looking for suitable distributors, JV Partner helps vet for ethical compliance in suitable candidates.

Market agility

It’s essential to note that the global business world has experienced rapid changes during the last decade. As a manufacturer, it’s important to have distributors that can easily adapt to changing market trends.

Effective communication

As a distributor, it’s critical to provide ease of communication. It’s worth noting that language and cultural barriers are a huge setback for brands looking to enter new markets. In this regards, it’s imperative for business owners to work with distributors that are easy to communicate with. Effective communication can prevent many problems in the distributing channel, especially regarding production delays and product nonconformities.

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